Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dentist Forms

I spoke a little too soon about the dental forms being easy to take care of evidently.

I went to the dentist on April 13th I went to the dentist to take some x-rays and redo my dental forms. The x-rays were supposed to be emailed to the Queen at the Peace Corps that day. I faxed in the dental form on April 15th. I followed up with an email that same day asking Queen to confirm that she received everything. I sent additional follow-ups on April 16th and 28th no response. I also called her about 4 voicemails messages to the phone number she gave me between the time the fax was sent and today, May 5th. I contacted the dental reviewer last week, who informed me that neither of the the documents I sent to Queen has not been logged as received. Today I spoke with another person in the PC, let her know about the difficulty I was having with Queen. She called me back promptly and let me know that she had just spoken with Queen directly, she was in the office, and I should try calling her again. I did and finally was able to speak to Queen. Queen informed me that my x-rays hadn’t been received, which is why I still had a hold on my account. Why she wasn’t able to tell me this in response to my numerous email and phone messages, I will never understand. As it turns out, the dentist office misspelled her email, which is why the first set of x-rays never arrived. If the hold isn’t cleared by the end of the week I’ll begin the journey of trying to get Queen to return my messages again.

On the upside... I reserved my plane tickets for Miami[in-state orientation location] today. I paid for my last month's rent last Friday. I'm having a great time in Atlanta with my best friend Bree. I found the key piece of the gift that I was going to make for Bree for Christmas. I had put it away for safe keeping and then forgot where that safe place was. Now its a late Christmas/going away present :)

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sk said...

I can't believe a visit to the dentist is giving you this much trouble! Talk about bureaucracy. My fingers are crossed!