Monday, March 26, 2012

Fulbright Limbo

Fulbright has made their decision; I’m an alternate. :( :) 

I don’t know how many alternates there are or how far down on the list I am.  I’ve asked, though I don’t know if they’ll tell me.  In some ways its worse than getting an outright rejection because then I’d be able to plan better. 

As it is, I could get a message anytime between now and February telling me someone has dropped out.  Needless to say it makes planning for the future a little difficult, and I have only five months to figure out a plan that keeps me busy but uncommitted until February, in case I get in.  At the same time I need to plan for those months after February in case I don’t get in.

I’ve been looking into graduate schools lately, but since I don’t know what I want to study, it’s very overwhelming.  While I do want to go back to school, I don’t feel like the immediate future ie right after peace corps, is the right time to do it.  I could try to get a job, but it would probably take months, and I’d probably have to quit it a little while later to go to school.  Oh decisions, decisions. I’ll leave them for tomorrow.

I’ve taught my exercise class for today, bought a roast chicken for dinner, given the six hotdog buns that accompanied the chicken to the dogs on my way home.  I’m skipping my own exercise routine, just finished watching Seinfeld’s “I’m telling you for the last time” video, started Sin City, going to pour a nice big glass of wine, take a shower, go to bed early, and start figuring out things in the morning.  

Suggestions are welcome.

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want. 
Ben Stein 

Back Baby, I'm BACK!

I ‘m back in Paraguay and things are going pretty well.

I slept the entire way from Atlanta to Buenos Aires, so after the quick flight between Buenos Aires and Asuncion I went to the Peace Corps office for a few hours, took a siesta on a sofa, and then caught a bus back to San Ignacio. 

While trying to catch a bus between the office and the bus terminal 3 buses passed me by without letting me on because of all of the luggage.  Buggers. Welcome home indeed.

Admittedly for the first 24 hours I kept asking myself “why did I come back.  Why didn’t I just stay in Atlanta, live in Bree’s computer room on the inflatable mattress and make a career out of annoying her cats.  I’m sure she would be cool with that at least for a few months.”

However thankfully the weather was nice for a few days and after chatting with my peace corps wives, Julia and Casey, I fell back into my old rhythm.  My wives evidently began chatting a lot between the two of them in my absence, which I was a little jealous of at first.  But we’re all good now.

Since then I’ve started up my exercise class again.  I had two substitute teachers who took care of the class while I was gone and they did a great job, but the attendance did fall off a bit.  The attendance has also gone down because school has started up again and many of my participants had to go back to teach or to attend classes.

The heat returned after a few days; alas my water has not.  Thankfully a few days before the official end of summer the temperatures dropped and haven’t gone back up since, which has been glorious.  AND it’s been raining. Yes, I’ve heard angels singing and it sounds like rain.  At least once a week.  Maybe I will get to take a proper shower in the near future.  In the meantime I bought a 30L jug to store water, mainly to flush my toilet more than once a day.

If you’ve been wondering what those odd photos with funny faces and white foam are, those are from the San Ignacio Carnaval parade.  Some jerk kept spraying us in the face, which was obviously unpleasant, but overall we had a really fun time.

I also had a Couchsurfer, Koos, from the Netherlands aka Holland who stayed with me for two nights.  I took him to the Paraguayan dance and music presentation they have every Sunday in the centro, which I confess I’ve never gone to before.  I’ve heard the polka and seen the dances, so I didn’t have enough motivation to make the trek into town to see it before.  Admittedly it all sounded the same after a little while since I don’t really have an ear for polka.  A pair of very enthusiastic gentlemen in the back however, made the night very entertaining.

Koos was also wonderful because he change the light in my living room that has been out for months.  I’m too short to reach it, yes, even on a chair.  Thankfully my guest was very very tall and easily switched it out. Woohoo, just in time for the winter time change.

I missed Tuck terribly while I was gone.  He had a good time with his Aunti Carly, got into a few fights, killed a chicken, ran amok but always came back home, enjoyed life as a free range campo dog.  I was home alone for a few days and the house was too quiet without him crying and licking my elbow.  Such a cutie. 

Its good to be back.