Friday, December 4, 2009

RIP Eeyora

Nati’s white rabbit, the one Carly and I nicknamed Eeyora, the one I bought her in place of Lila, just died. Big surprise.

Marcia said she thinks the male rabbit did something to her. Oh I don’t know if I mentioned him before. Nati threw a fit a few weeks when the cat disappeared for about 2 hours, so her parents immediately bought her a new rabbit. He is full grown, brown, quite handsome actually.

Naturally they are going to get her a new one, because according to them, she ‘loved it so much’. Loved it so much she gave it all of the foods I told her time and time again were not good for her, often didn’t have water in the cage, kept her in a cage with the cat [which is too small for one animal, let alone the three they’ve been keeping in there], never cleaned up after her… Oh goodness, do not get me started again.

Nati is at her grandmother’s house and doesn’t know yet that the bunny is dead. I wonder if they are just going to try and buy her a new white rabbit and not even tell her the old one died. I doubt she would notice.

At least Marcia found a new cleaning woman, who now is the one taking care of the pets and cleaning up after the pets.

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