Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Worries: Just a Little Ole' State of Emergency

While I doubt this will make major headlines back in the states, there have been some recent events here that may look a bit serious to the outside viewer.

President Lugo declared a state of emergency for the country due to the killing of a police officer and three other individuals in the northern part of the country near Concepcion. A local land reform group that has periodically resorted to violence has taken credit for the attacks. As a part of the state of emergency he has sent additional police forces into that area.

Fortunately I am not anywhere near Concepcion and don’t have any reason to go there. The volunteers in that area have been evacuated to the capital for the time being or on ‘Stand-fast’ which means they aren’t allowed to travel around.

So no worries, PC has it handed for the volunteers in the areas of concern, which thankfully doesn’t include me. My life and travels go on as usual.

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