Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haven't Electrocuted Myself...Yet

My shower-head has been a bit wonky for, well since Carly moved in. Of course when Carly lived here it was summer, so having a cooler shower didn’t matter.

However, winter is beginning to set in which left me with the option of taking an off-and-on warm shower or bucket bathing. Lately bucket bathes have been winning.

However I decided to try changing the old electric shower head. I put it off for the longest time because I don’t like playing around with electricity. I was not the kind of kid that needed to stick scissors in a socket to see if I’d really get a shock. I also was hoping to pawn the task off on a visiting volunteer, but that didn’t happen.

A few weeks ago I bought the showerhead, I decided to finally put it in yesterday, but realized I didn’t have anything to cut and strip the wires. So I gave myself a one day reprieve, when to the store, bought some pliers and waited until midday today.

[Yes, the red tape is electrical tape that is holding the wires together. No that is not the safest way to do it, but that is how the old one was set up, so I copied.The green wire is the grounding wire, but I don’t know how to ground it so it is probably just going to stay like that.]

Thus far the shower has been installed and seems to be working. :)

However, I’m still considering taking my g-mate’s advice to shower with my clothes on the first time I tried out the new shower-head. That way if I accidently kill myself at least I wouldn’t be butt-naked when someone finally finds me.

How an Electric Shower Head Works:

The unheated water goes into the shower head through a normal water pipe. The water enters the showerhead where it is heated, almost instantly, by an electrical current.

I turn on the electricity to the shower with a switch on my wall.

I control how hot or cold the water is by how much water I let come through. More water = colder, less water = warmer.

It is pretty cost efficient because I don’t waste tons of money with a hot water heater that runs all day and night when I only need hot water for a few minutes.

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Grammy, Grandpa said...

LOL. I can't figure ouot what an "electric" shower head is. Does electricity provide the water pressure??