Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Plan for Fixing the Peace Corps

1) Stop the use of participants’ social security numbers as their id numbers. This id number is place on every paper, and required on every phone call message, fax, etc. I’m pretty sure this is illegal. I am certain it is a threat to my personal information security.

I’ll be working on this one immediately.

2) Creating a more complete and useful online profile for the medical review process. Each step would be itemize so that nominees could see quickly and precisely which of their submissions had been accepted, which parts were deemed not complete, the source of the incompletion, an explanation of how to correct the problem, and the applicable form. PC could include a tool that requires the nominee to acknowledge they have received the information and/or waive the desire to have a paper copy sent to them.

3) Inform nominees about the location of their program, the deadline to complete their medical evaluation before their program closes, and their deployment date. If the PC doesn’t know this information yet, or only has tentative information, the nominee’s online profile could and should reflect the range of possibilities.

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