Monday, August 11, 2008


So, I spoke to my placement officer again today.

I will not be leaving until January 2009 at the earliest. February or March is more likely.

Evidently I've missed the major PC send out. Around this time, they send out about 500 invitations. In the winter they only send out only 50 or so. This means that my options as far as where I'm going and what I'm doing will be significantly limited.

I’m trying my hardest to get them to send me to a non-Spanish speaking country because I really want to pick up a third language. Perhaps they will have pity on me, or just be too tired of dealing with me, and send me where I want to go. I’m already trying to prepare my “You should send someone else to the Spanish speaking country who knows less Spanish than I do, because even though I speak Spanish pretty well, I’ll pick up the obscure language faster because I already have one new language under my belt” speech.

Until I get this all settled I'll be living in Austin and continuing my work with the Red Cross. Anyone need a roommate or a subleaser?

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