Thursday, January 13, 2011

My B-day

I have to confess, I didn’t realize that Wednesday was my birthday until my friend Monica (and spotted seal) wished me a happy birthday a day early.

This month is really busy, so I wasn’t able to do anything special in particular, but I figure I’d give you a rundown of what my days have been like.

A Day In the Life of Me- January Edition:

4:40am- Wake up

5am- Leave the house to walk to the ruta to meet up with the morning walking group

5:30am- Walking group arrives

6:40 Finished walking, go home

7am-Get home, feed small furry animals. Walk the carnivorous, non-litter box trained one.

8:20am-Walk across town to give out application to my business taller

9:30am- Get home and shower

10am-Go to Julia’s house to play Uno with her English class (learning colors and numbers)

11:30am-Start making norte style breakfast for lunch. We realize that 1) Julia’s stove is out of gas 2) cooking pancakes on a not non-stick surface is miserable. So we go to my house to finish the pancakes and scrambled eggs. I wash some laundry while Julia cooks.

[Julia’s perfect (no seriously) pancakes. They were wonderful ambassadors for Catalina, who has never has US style pancakes]

2:30pm-Finish lunch, I go back home for NAP TIME!

5:00pm-Wake up from nap, update roster for exercise class

5:30pm-Go to internet café to print roster

6:10pm-Arrive at the sports fields for the exercise class

6:30-7:30pm-Exercise class.

8:15pm-Get home, feed furry children, talk with Julia, start planning tomorrow’s health presentation

11:30pm-Go to bed

If today is any representation about how my 25th year is going to go, I'm going to be a very busy lady.

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