Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goodbye Old Fridge (and 1 month's salary)

About a week ago the refrigerator part of my refrigerator stopped working. The freezer part, which is not separated from the refrigerator section, was thus doing double duty. I was too busy at the time to do anything about it because of the exercise competition.

[Old Fridge]

I decided not to try and repair the old one, because it was absolutely ancient, never worked really well, was as loud as a freight train, and this was probably just the beginning of its slow death. I've also decided that I'll ask my follow-up to pitch in a bit so that will take the edge off farther down the road.
[Old Fridge. Note the compartment at the top, sans door or partition of any sort. That is the freezer]

Yesterday I was finally able price some new ones in the stores. I first looked around for used ones, but I wasn't able to find any and none of my friends knew of any for sale. I decided to buy one from a friend of mine because I knew that she would allow me to divide the payments of the fridge without charging me interest.

I got the cheapest fridge I could from there, but it still is going to set me back an entire month's salary ouch. Fortunately I've split it up into 3 payments, so that will make it a bit easier, but still.

That said, I'm amazed by how nice the new fridge is. Its so quiet I keep looking at it to make sure its still plugged in. I'm so happy to have an actual freezer, the old one had a freezer, but since it wasn't separated it couldn't even keep my ice cream from melting. Maybe I'll actually be able to have ice now! The door closes completely, I had to use a bike tire to close the other one, so less air escapes. So I'm also guessing it is far more energy efficient, so I won't be surprised if my electricity bill goes down.

[New Fridge. Note the closed freezer compartment on the top]

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