Wednesday, July 15, 2009



We recently went to see Transformers at a theater in Asuncion. It was in English with Spanish subtitles, which is normal for adult movies from the US. Children’s movies, like Harry Potter, are usually dubbed. Personally I hate dubbed movies, but I do understand why it is preferable for the kiddies.

One interesting thing was that this theater added an intermission. Unfortunately they didn’t do a good job of planning which scene would have the intermission. They paused the film at a spot that disturbed the overall flow of the story. I also think the movie itself was still playing because the scene we returned to wasn’t the same scene that we left off at.

Overall I liked the movie, but what made it such a memorable movie-going experience was the fact that it because very clear that we were the only ones in the theater who were native English speakers. The three of us, Jenna, Elmer, and I sat together in the middle of the small theater. There were many times where we started laughing…but no one else did… because the slang, when translated, didn’t really make sense or wasn’t funny anymore. The fact that we were the only ones who understood all of the funny parts made the whole situation even funnier. We spent most of the movie, giggling to ourselves, in the middle of a full, but mostly silent theater. If you ever get the chance to travel to a non English speaking country, make sure to see a funny movie in English. It will be a notable experience

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