Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brazil Trip-Don’t Drink the Water...Is that a Challenge?

After living off of Paraguayan well-water all of us volunteers came to the conclusion that we now were the proud owners of cast-iron stomachs and…travel advice be dammed…we were going to drink the water.

Brendan and I took the contest to the next level. We not only drank tap water in Sao Paulo, Guaruja City, Ilha Grande, and Rio de Janiero, but we also drank from waterfalls and streams while hiking in Ilha Grande and Rio.

(Me next to a waterfall in Ilha Grande, and yes, I filled my water bottle from it)

I felt just fine the entire time...Though I am going to ask Medical Mary for an anti-parasite pill next time I’m in Asuncion, just to be safe.

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