Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye Luna

Since I had known her, Carly’s dog Luna had always had shaky health. When I first arrived in site, 6ish months ago, a bad day would consist of not eating and being really listless. Unfortunately these past few months the bad days have gotten more numerous and more painful. Carly and Stephen made numerous trips to a highly qualified vet in Asuncion, did everything possible in this country to help Luna, and researched options for treatment back in the states.

Sadly they were not able to find any satisfactory solutions. Even though Luna was on pain killers generally given to cancer patients, she was still in considerable pain. Carly and Stephen realized that Luna probably was never going to have a life that didn’t consist of being in pain and heavily medicated.

While I was in Brazil, they decided the most humane option was to put her to sleep. She is now resting near a tree in an empty lot 2 houses down from Carly’s house.

Luna was not my dog but after being her babysitter for a cumulative total of almost 2 months while Carly was on vacation or out of town, I cared for her greatly. Visiting Carly’s house will not be the same without her. I cannot imagine how much Carly and Stephen are hurting. I’m sorry you guys. I’ll miss you Luna.

PS: My heart and condolences also go out to my former Red Cross co-worker,Sara, who also recently lost her most gentle of gentle giants, her Great Dane Edward. The big guy always made office life a pleasure.

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