Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm back

When I left Rio I was pretty sad to be leaving. However as we drove towards Paraguay my desire to get back to my community grew. First it was just being able to speak Spanish to the bus drivers and attendants. Then one of them told me “I’m going to marry you, you’re pretty.’ And I was reminded of all of the lovely and ridiculous compliments I was going to get by random men on the street back in PY.

When I got to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay I truly felt at home when I got on a bus, paid my fair, and told the bus attendant I was going to get onto the bus through the back door because my pack was too much of an impediment in the front. When I left the bus to go to the back, the driver promptly closed the door to the back and drove off.

I also left my umbrella in the bathroom in the bus terminal and it was gone when I went back to retrieve it.

And the moment I stepped off of the bus in C9 the stares returned. I miss my anonymity.

Ahh Paraguay. It is good to be back.

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