Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dirty Old Man Ruins My Workday Mojo.

The last day or so has been quite productive. I’ve started working with the Education and Environmental funcionarios at the Muni to do an Environmental project with the schools. Today I got up early and wrote out a project plan for them at the office. Then I went to the grocery store.

On the way home from the grocery store there is a older man who is always sitting on his porch, sometimes chatting with a buddy, sometimes just hanging out by himself. I generally say hello to him as I pass down that street. He has never said anything rude to me and he is nice to the street dogs so I generally say hello to him as I pass down that street.

I was having a good day so when he started talking to me, more than just his usually hello, I decided to stop and chat when he waved me over.

The conversation was nice and normal at first. He speaks very clearly for a guy and knows a bit few words in several languages, which as entertaining. He didn’t act like a complete goob when I told him I’m a vegetarian, which was refreshing. All in all it was a nice little chat at first.

He did the standard calling my ‘Linda’ (which means pretty) instead of ‘Lyn’ which is annoying but harmless. After I mentioned I was a vegetarian he told me his refrigerator is full of good stuff and that I’m welcome to help myself at anytime. Not sketchy yet because Paraguayans are actually very hospitable.

Then he mentions multiple times how he lives there alone, and gives me a list of how pretty my eyes and hair, and lips, etc are. At this point we officially move out of normal highly complimentary conversation to icky icky ville. Then he starts mentioning how he likes me and could make me very happy. I tell him I have a boyfriend but he isn’t ruffled at all. He just how my boyfriend and I are a thing and he and I can be a seperate thing.


While we’re talking, I’m putting up roadblocks now that I realized what is going on. He jokes about he would ‘pegar’ me, it means hit literally but he was using it in a friendly ‘Oh I could just whack you for saying that’ kind of way. Fortunately he had been feeding a street dog some meat and hadn’t washed he hands so he only backhanded my leg once. And then he starts mentioning more and more about how he is alone in the house and inviting me in. At which point I say I need to put my vegetables from the grocery in the fridge so I need to go home. He ever the gentleman offers his fridge.

And I leave.

Ewy ewy ewy!!!

Ugg, he totally ruined my good day momentum from writing the project proposal that morning. And now I’m going to have to ignore him when I walk on that street because obviously giving him a polite hello is just too hot for him to handle. Thanks skeevy street man. Thanks a lot.

At least it didn’t rain today.


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Sorry about the DOM! Luckily, we don't have those around here.