Friday, March 12, 2010

Lila’s Lawnmowing Services

In February, mom sent me a care package with some goodies, one of which was an adorable pink and green bunny harness and leash. I wanted the harness so I could let Lila outside to run around and eat grass without having to worry about her escape artist tendencies that have led her to always manage to find some way out of her cages.

However, Lila did not take to the harness right away. In fact she was downright incensed at the notion of having her range of motion restricted. Basically she freaked out and started tearing and chewing on it the minute I put it on her.

One memorable night she turned her pen into a hamster cage.

Strangely, once I moved into Carly’s house, she has pretty much stopped fighting it. She still gnaws on the leash occasionally. But for the most part, she is too distracted by all of the nice fresh green grass and the world outside of her cage to launch an all out attack on her new accessories.

An added benefit is that Carly and my days of macheteing the grass may be over. We don’t have a lawnmower, cow, or a goat, which are pretty much the only alternatives to macheteing the grass to keep it from jungle length. However Lila has been doing a damn fine of thus far of keeping the grass at a reasonable level. We can’t putt on it, but at least we aren’t those neighbors.

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