Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bree Is Married!

Bree and Webb got Married!!! Congratulations!!!

I could post a million pics, but I won't b/c then you'd never be able to load the page.

And here is a link to more amazing photos:

The pics were taken by Kayla Barker from Spink Studio. Seriously she does an amazing job and you should hire her if you need a photographer for anything.

Congrats to Bree and Webb. I was so honored to be a part of the wedding party, the Maid of Honor, not to toot my horn or anything. Everything was beautiful and amazing.

PS: Oh, and because it was so amazing, I think I'm just going to count it as my wedding too because I won't be able to do a better job of organizing it than Bree did so why try. I'll just pack up a few friends and go on a 3 week vacation. I'm glad I've got that settled, now where is that pesky little fiance?

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