Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Day Activity #2 Making Yogurt

Conversion to Hippy Complete...

Third time is the charm. I tried to make yogurt twice before, but I messed it up because I couldn't get the temperature right.

While I was back in the US for Bree's Wedding, I bought a thermometer and was successful in making my own yogurt. They do have yogurt here, but its the very liquidy drinkable kind and I'm a custard style girl myself. That and for some reason the yogurt here makes me horribly, bed-ridden sick about 50% of the time.


1) Heat Milk to 185F using the double boiler method
2) Cool Milk to 110F.
3) Mix in 1.5T Yogurt (with active cultures) for every 1L of milk (google the conversion rate you sissy)
4)Let milk mix sit in a warm place,maintaining the temp between 105-110F, for 5-8 hours. I like really thick yogurt, so I leave it for 8 hours. There are several ways to keep the milk mix warm. I put it into a thermos, then put the thermos into a cooler with a hot pad full of hot water. I reheat the water halfway through.
5)Take the milk mix and put it into yogurt portion cups (I use old peanut butter containers) and leave overnight in the refrigerator.
6)...And then you have yogurt!

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