Monday, October 25, 2010

Water Please

Something is up with the water here at the house. Since Friday I haven't been able to get water out of the shower or the bathroom sink. Fortunately at some point during each day I've been able to get some water out of a small faucet in the shower. But not today.

I talked to my landlords yesterday, they are having the same problem in their house, and they have contacted the water company. I hoped they would fix the problem today since its a weekday, but no such luck. My landlord's family hasn't been at home yesterday or today, so I'm guessing they've gone to hang out with family in some other part of the city until the water comes back.

Until it gets fixed I'm back to bucket baths. If the water from the little faucet doesn't come back soon I'm going to have to go to the neighbor's to fill up some buckets. It looks rainy, maybe I'll be able to collect enough water to do laundry.

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