Monday, August 16, 2010

And They’re Off

Our sector, renamed Community Economic Development (CED), now has two major events: A leadership camp and an amorphous entrepreneurship workshop/conference/case competition thing.

Angelic was selected for the leadership camp and I was selected for the as-yet-undefined business thing.

And by ‘selected’ I mean G30 basically did a subtle but collective ‘Not it!’ , which sifted Angelic and I into those positions. I was planning on trying to lead the business event anyway, but being selected by the group without having to actually step forward was certainly good for my ego.

Amusingly Angelic was originally assigned to the Rural Economic Development(RED) sector, and she is leading what was originally a Muni camp; I was originally assigned to the Municipal Services Development (Muni)sector, but now I’m leading a RED event.

Not surprisingly, since most of the remaining people are from the Muni sector, most of the people in G30 are interesting in the leadership camp. Fortunately the new group from our sector, G33, seems to be very interested in the Entrepreneurship camps, so most of my volunteer back-up will probably come from them.

The new G is attending a meeting on Friday to help them decide which event they want to help plan. They can attend both, but we decided for now that people will only be on the planning committee for one or the other. We'll see how things sift out then...I can't wait. I haven't been this excited since I went to Brazil for a vacation.