Thursday, August 26, 2010

Operation Ankle Tan

The dirt is red, West Texas red. I wear sneakers all of the time, even in the summer, because I can’t walk on the stone streets in flip flops. This has produced a fabulously tan line which is a mixture of, well, a tan, and I swear the red dust embedding itself into my skin. The tan is most marked around my ankles, where my haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-over-a-year feet meet my clay colored calves.

Because of the Bree’s upcoming wedding, I’ve made a distinct effort to try to eliminate this tanline by wearing pants instead of shorts and wearing socks that go above my ankle at the same time for double protection. Unfortunately the rosy hue is proving to be quite stubborn and I haven’t made much progress. I have a little over a month left before I go back to the US (OMG one month!), but unfortunately the weather has become much warmer lately, making pants less comfortable. We'll see how it goes.

Thankfully Bree has promised I can still be in the wedding, even with my oompa loompa legs and vampire feet.

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