Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank you, Thank you, I’ll Be Here All Week...Actually Another Year

One year ago today I arrived in Campo 9 with two suitcases, a pack, a head full of plans, and a heart of full of hope

*Cheers *Aplauso

Thank you, Thank you all.

Yes, it has been a challenging year to say the least. Not a productive as I would have liked, but I feel some real momentum coming up and I’m really excited.

Today was also the first day I met my future mascota to be, Lila, which means she probably had her one year birthday last month. Woops, sorry. Happy Belated Birthday Lila!

Today was actually a productive day. I went and visited my community contact, who informed me of a wide-spread prostitution and AIDS problem in C9, which I wasn’t aware of. Now I know that might sadden those of you with less proactive hearts, but my first thought was: ‘Oh Oh, I can do some HIV/AIDS workshops! Awesome.’

Cinthia also signed my vacation request form, so I can turn it into the PC office. I’m on my way and sooooo excited.

I finally got off my bo-hiny and emailed a volunteer about how to make homemade yogurt. The kind here is really liquidy because they like to drink it, but it has made me violently ill on more than one occasion.

I discovered the beautiful wine colored fabric I purchased to cover the white foam board I’m using as a bulletin board matches Bree’s shirt perfectly in her Save The Date wedding card

I also have two little memories, that actually happen quite frequently and make me so happy.

1) I see the neighborhood kids feeding/petting Lila through the fence. This is a huge change from their reaction, which was to scream, run to the gate, and shake the chain link fence.

2) The boy then door hollering “Lilar!, Lilar!, Lilar!, Lilar!” at Lila to get her to come over. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work and she just runs into the garage, but it is still cute to hear him out there.

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