Friday, August 27, 2010

Feelin' The Burn

According to the bimonthly newsletter I received from the Peace Corps this morning, there are about 800 fires burning across the country. I’m going to assume that many of these are agricultural fires where farmers are burning off the dead grass from this winter. However they could be range/wild fires, who knows.

The results has been at least two miserable weeks of haze. It reminds me of years ago when there were huge range fires in Mexico and all of the smoke chocked the southern states. It is absolutely terrible. The lack of rain means all the roads are extra dusty. People are doing their best to keep it in check by watering the roads, but when the temperatures are in the 90’s, that method only works for so long. The mix of clay dust and smoke makes the air smell like a dirty wet dog. The sun looks like its setting around 1:30.

Thankfully we are supposed to get rain next week which will clear the smoke out of the air and hopefully put a stop to the fires.

Pics from the dirt road behind the international highway

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